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Charles Smethurst is the CEO of Dolphin International-Group, owner of Nord Invest Holding and the owner of Phoenix Innovation. After spending 17 years in the textile industry, Charles formed his own financial company and also started work on property development. Charles founded Dolphin Capital in 2008 and today, it is one of the top 5 developers in Germany and the market leader in Listed Building refurbishment.

What will happen to my money? “ This is a question many investors asks, primarily when they are looking at short-term investment opportunities. I have been a trained specialist in this particular field for decades as my key area involves pulling together the different interests of company and project finance and the coordination of all the related finance functions. It is especially to ensure a controlled flow of funds which incorporates short-term availability and appropriate profit levels on the basis of the highest possible security.

My guiding principles are information and transparency in order to guarantee permanent communication. We develop projects in conjunction with our experts, from the purchase of a property to ensuring its status as a secure-revenue, listed property. This means investors are kept informed with all the available documentation at every stage of the project, from the very beginning of their commitment.

For many years we have been providing capable support to investors around the world, maintaining international contacts to build up close relationships based on trust. For us, this a positive confirmation of our philosophy and it reinforces me and all our employees in our lofty claim to achieve the best results for investors and buyers. Within the German legislation, we have established an outstanding position as a specialist in short-term investment and react quickly and efficiently to changes. This secures us a certain unique selling proposition, even into the future if the regulations for the capital market change.

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